Web development... and stuff.


Hello and welcome to my first web page!

Slowly slowly it is growing ;)

First major improvement finished

AJAX functionality added to reload only contents of the page. This has fixed several problems in the page:
  • youtube song restarting after navigating to next page
  • resetting of theme
Old html links functionality preserverd also, just in case user doesn't have javascripting enabled.

Minor improvements done

  • Added a feature of responsive design: navigation bar moves aside in wide screens or fills a line over content in narrow screens.
  • Themes listed in selector tag, instead of hardcoded buttons.
  • Font size scaling with window width implemented.
  • Minor bugs hunted down and cosmetic corrections applied.

By the way, here is an interesting article about nature of bugs: Joy of Programming: Why is a Software Glitch Called a ‘Bug’?

Tasks for future:

  • implement structure for these posts, like in comments section, include dates also.
  • As main page grows bigger, moving updates information into separate 'change log' would bring more order.

Migrating into PDO

As mysql_* is deprecated since php 5.5, i decided to use PDO extension.
It resulted in shorter and easier to understand code.
Also moved posts from hardcoded 'home' page into a database. Implemented posts structure.

Mobile first

It was inevitable, that this site had to become responsive. Today I rewrote stylesheet and applied some media queries, so that now it can be viewed on mobile devices as well. Still needs a lot of work to be done though.

Another rework

Updated a lot of code and CSS. Might not look like a big change but a few bugs got fixed and code is more robust and maintainable.